The most exclusive Waxing Boutique in Düsseldorf: Here Waxing becomes a excellent experience, because of our noble ambience only the world’s best waxes waxing studios have. We are using Lycon Precision hotwax.


Every woman is unique, and therefore, you will receive from us a waxing treatment that is tailored to your skin and your desires. As waxing specialists, it is very important to us that the end result is a silky smooth skin. But it is just as important to us that you feel comfortable in an exclusive setting during the treatment. Waxing can be beautiful!


We know the needs of male customers and offer our waxing treatment according to that. Which is tailored to the specific needs of male hair. A discreet, professional service is just as natural as the perfect waxing result. With us, it’s never as bad as you might fear.


BROW WOW! We call the five steps for perfect eyebrows. The trend is toward natural-looking, but professionally modeled eyebrows that give perfect balance to your face. Try out our eyebrow treatment in our Brow Bar – a small investment with WOW effect!