Frequently Asked Questions


How long the hair should be for removal?

The hair can be removed as early as 3 mm in length. Even prior shaving is not a problem.

How painful is Waxing?

Completely pain-free hair-removal is not possible unfortunately, because the hairs are removed along with the hair roots. To make the treatment as comfortable as possible, we work with our pretreatment oil. That creates a protective film between skin and wax, that minimizes irritation.

How long will the results last?

The result is a smooth, supple skin for about three to four weeks. Exactly how long depends on the individual hair growth and root strength. Each time the result Waxing lasts longer.

How is hair is affected by regular Waxing?

With regular use, the hair density is reduced and the hair weakens.

What are ingrown hairs and what can you do about it?

The problem occurs when dead skin cells clog the hair folice. The hair the hair grows, but cannot grow through the surface of the skin. We recommend special products against ingrown hairs.

Can an intimate Waning be carried out during a period?

Yes, just use a tampon before treatment.

What you need to know before waxing?

Irritated and damaged skin (like sunburn) can only be treated after it healed. Also no sunbeds beds should be visited prior to treatment about 12 hours.

What must be considered after waxing?

The skin should be protected. Small skin irritations that appear after 24 hours are normal during the wax.
For the next 12-24 hours it is advisable to not

  • visit a saunas or solariums
  • use skin-irritating substances (such as perfume or deodorant)
  • Take hot showers (warm is fine)
  • swimming or do other sweat-inducing exercises, as it irritates freshly waxed skin
  • excessive touching the depilated area
  • sexual activity in case of intimwax